Le Vie di Leonardo Da Vinci

At the origins of the Genius

In the heart of Tuscany


Famous for being the birthplace of Leonardo, the city of Vinci is immersed in the heart of Tuscany, in the very green countryside, among vineyards and olive groves. It is located on the hills of Montalbano, between Florence, Pisa and Siena.

The birth of Leonardo
in the memory of his grandfather Antonio
Baptism in Vinci
in the church of Santa Croce
Leonardo dated 5 August 1473

Leonardo was born in Vinci on 15 April 1452

And here he spent several periods, from early childhood to maturity.

Illegitimate child

He had at least 22 brothers. He received a unique education thanks to his paternal grandfather, who had traveled to Spain and Morocco.

His father, an influential notary

The father was in a relationship with the institutions and the great Florentine families, while the mother, a maid, was immediately removed from the family.


The city of Vinci is based on four excellences: Leonardo, Landscape, Agriculture and Tourism. Among the places to visit in addition to the Castle of the Guidi counts are the Museo Leonardiano, the Piazza dei Conti Guidi redesigned by Mimmo Paladino, the Baptistery of Leonardo in the Church of S. Croce and the Biblioteca Leonardiana, a destination for scholars and enthusiasts. Outside the village, the exhibition “Leonardo and painting” at the Villa del Ferrale, the Pescaia del Mulino della Doccia, Leonardo's birthplace in Anchiano, the Nature that Leonardo used to call “master of masters” and Montalbano, where the Genius received his first inspiration, they are the frame of the city, which can count on numerous farmhouses, immersed in the beauty of the typical Tuscan hilly landscape.

In the heart of Tuscany

Currently the Network and Itinerary of the "Le Vie di Leonardo Da Vinci" involves 6 cities (Vinci, Amboise, Vipava, Istanbul, Florence and Cesena) and 4 nations (Italy, France, Slovenia, Turkey).