Le Vie di Leonardo Da Vinci

How to join

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How to join the "Le Vie di Leonardo Da Vinci"

The Project and the Itinerary are aimed at:
– Municipalities
– Entities and Universities 
– Museums and Foundations
– Associations
– Individual people, "passionate" or "linked" to Leonardo Da Vinci

Adhesion as a Member is envisaged, as well as the participation of interest or the start of specific collaborations and common achievements.

Adhesion in the Project takes place in different ways depending on the category:

  • Entity (1. Simple adhesion, 2. Adhesion on Projects, 3. Adhesion / Request to join the Board of Directors). By Entity we mean a Municipal Administration, a Metropolitan City, a University, a Museum, an Association, etc.
  • Individual citizen (Simple adhesion).

How to support "Le Vie di Leonardo Da Vinci"

The “Le Vie di Leonardo Da Vinci” project can be supported and backed by all those who are “connected” or fascinated by the world of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Support for the Project can take place in various ways:

  • partnership activities with the prestigious “Le Vie di Leonardo Da Vinci” project
  • through donations, contributions, fundraising, and crowdfunding projects;
  • with voluntary activities and dissemination, through contacts, research and exchanges, especially in the digital environment.