Le Vie di Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo, today

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“For more than seventy years I have worked between Europe and the United States of America, to promote the worldwide knowledge of Leonardo Da Vinci, whom I have qualified as the “European genius”, on the occasion of the Brussels exhibition of 2007 celebrating the fifty years of the Treaty of Rome. Leonardo is the most fascinating and emblematic symbol in the context of our culture and civilization. This Project on “Le Vie di Leonardo da Vinci” could become an extraordinary opportunity for us to increasingly stimulate the political and cultural entity of European countries in an intense dialogue – simple, meaningful and fruitful –with every other part of the world. My heartfelt congratulations to everyone involved.”

CARLO PEDRETTI, Honorary President of the Italian Association “Le Vie di Leonardo Da Vinci” (2016)

"Men will speak with each other from the most remote countries and reply." Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo as a bridge

Leonardo speaks to today’s world and encourages it to progress in various fields, from art to science, from knowledge to the values of human coexistence. 


The spirit of Leonardo, as a new Renaissance

Leonardo fully embodies the spirit of his era, bringing it to the major forms of expression: his work, to be studied and disseminated, is, therefore, an opportunity to create a new Renaissance.

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Leonardo: a continuous dialogue with nature and territory

Leonardo, in his travels in each region, explores and studies with care and love the landscapes modified by man and uncontaminated nature, in search of a perfect synthesis.