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Le Vie di Leonardo Da Vinci

The International Association "Le Vie di Leonardo Da Vinci - TSO", established in Vinci on May 27, 2021, intends to build a European Cultural Itinerary that is recognized by the Council of Europe, establishing establishing a Network between places of life, works, and activities related to the figure of Leonardo. To date, it brings together 5 Founders belonging to 4 nations: Italy, France, Slovenia and Turkey.


The objectives

The International Association "Le Vie di Leonardo Da Vinci" aims to give life to a European itinerary, as a shared network of inclusive cultural and social activities in the emblematic name of Leonardo Da Vinci,animating concrete paths and exchanges in a dialogue between cities and nations where Leonardo lived, where his works are preserved and initiatives on Leonardo are held.

The objective is to enhance and increase the relationships of the different territories with the idea of Leonardo, creating a red thread between the different disciplines of his multifaceted genius. Through contemporary art and creativity, nature and productive activities, science and technology, youth training and university research, cultural tourism, ecology, and sustainable development, "Le Vie di Leonardo Da Vinci" also intends to contribute to developing the values of peace, collaboration and integration among peoples.

The objectives, linked to the figure of Leonardo, are to relaunch the idea of Europe and to contribute to the formation of the new European citizen, enhance art and tourism, peace and dialogue, and encourage the meeting between peoples, cultures, and religions.

The symbol of the Itinerary

The logo of the Itinerary reproduces a knot designed by Leonardo that represents the aims of the Project and indicates a goal to be achieved: the union of Peoples in the circularity of knowledge, as a common heritage. 

The "Vincian Knot" that characterizes the logo of the "Le Vie di Leonardo Da Vinci" is, in fact, paradigmatic as the ideal synthesis of a continuous intertwining between cultures and civilizations.


The International Association "Le Vie di Leonardo Da Vinci" is currently working on the presentation of the Dossier for the recognition of a European Cultural Itinerary by the Council of Europe.
At the same time, it is carrying out network activities between the different nations in 5 fields of intervention: Innovation, Territory, School, Art, and Tourism. 
A concrete objective is to expand contacts and adhesion to the Project of other nations and other partners.               
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Discovering the places of Leonardo

Currently the Network and Itinerary of the " Le Vie di Leonardo Da Vinci " 4 nations ( Italy, France, Slovenia and Turkey) 6 cities (Vinci, Amboise, Vipava, Istanbul, Florence and Cesena), which are represented equally in the Board of Directors, in addition to the adhesion of various institutions and people. But the network is progressively expanding.

Santa Maria del Fiore
Cesena (FC), foto aerea piazza e Rocca, Archivio Comune Cesena, CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0

The "Le Vie di Leonardo Da Vinci" itinerary is aimed at subjects who are in some way linked to Leonardo: places visited by the Genius or where his works are kept today and activities related to him are carried out.

The horizon is therefore universal: nations, cities, universities, museums, associations, entities and private citizens.

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